JTruthPA Performing Live
January 11, 2020 • 9:00pm Access Tickets from $20.00 Official Website Buy Tickets

JTruthPA Performing Live

A Hip-Hop Lyricist with a positive message
January 11, 2020 • 9:00pm Access Tickets from $20.00 Official Website Buy Tickets

Jonathan Rodriguez, known professionally as JTruthPA, is a lyricist and musical artist who has been turning heads and spreading positive messages since the age of 13. At nineteen, he left his job as a cashier at a gas station to study hip hop and further his vocal abilities in pursue of his dreams of a music career. When opportunities weren’t knocking, the well-rounded artist turned to busking (street performing), both as a creative outlet and for survival income.

His first break came when a video of him street performing blew up on WorldStarHipHop and took him to Las Vegas, but things haven’t been easy for the Philadelphia native. Not long after arriving in Vegas, JTruthPA ended up homeless.

Returning to his love of street performing, Truth was able to further hone his craft and captured hearts along the way. As he continued to gain attention, he used  street performing  as a self-made platform to speak his truth and connect with all who listened in hopes of being a beacon of inspiration and change in the world.

Over the years, JTruthPa has had to overcome violence and homelessness to break out and embrace his truth. His lyricism, energetic flow, passionate melodies, infectious positivity, and commanding voice give him a unique, soulful sound that vibrates with the capacity to shake the world.

JTruthPA is fully committed to the idea that if we embrace the colors that make us who we are, we can create a more colorful, vibrant world.

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